Delegates from Myanmar visit VITAL PARACHUTE

October 16, 2014

On October 13, 2014, VITAL PARACHUTE was pleased to welcome delegates from Myanmar. They visited our manufacturing plant in Yangoo Province, Gangwon, Korea Republic. The Delegates from Myanmar is comprised of nine representatives from different government departments led by the Myanmar Army’s Director of Ordinance, Major General. The delegates were looking to purchase military parachute systems for use in their military forces in their country.

Upon arrival to our factory, the delegates were greeted and welcomed by VITAL PARACHUTE's president Mr. Kim Myung Hae, along with other key staff from VITAL PARACHUTE.

The meeting was held in the R&D Center. We exhibited samples of our parachutes and products along with a presentation given by the sales and marketing team. After the presentation, details related to the potential deal for military grade parachute were discussed, items like our factory capabilities, design alternatives, logistic and freight.

Similarly, the delegates from Myanmar went for a quick tour of factory. Some of the things that were a concern such as,quality of the products, grade of materials used in production, equipment,organization, quality control and other factors. Needless to say VITAL PARACHUTE had fulfilled all of the Myanmar concerns and question along with the quality products and factory conditions. The delegates left with a positive impression about our factory and a positive reaction with our president and his team.

We look forward to the final negotiations with the delegates and await their response.