Military cargo parachute, heavy capacity

G-11B; NSN 1670-01-016-7841 (PN 11-1-2566)

G-11C; NSN 1670-01-016-7841 (PN 11-1-2566)

G-11D; NSN 1670-00-269-1107 (PN 51C6718)

VITAL PARACHUTE: G-12D/E, 64-foot diameter, 2200 lbs

Military cargo parachute, medium capacity

G-12D; NSN 1670-00-893-2371 (PN 55A6045)

G-12E; NSN 1670-01-065-3755 (PN 11-1-2620)

VITAL PARACHUTE: G-14, low-velocity, 34-foot diameter, 500 lbs

Military cargo parachute, low-velocity

G-14; NSN 1670-00-999-2658 (PN 11-1-578)

All parachute assemblies are qualified, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with current applicable MIL-DTL-7620 and MIL-STD-849.

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