MC1-1B, MC1-1C, MC1-1D, MC1-1E

Military personnel parachute, main system; 35-foot diameter, static line, steerable

MC1-1B; NSN 1670-00-598-0751 (PN 11-1-900-1)

MC1-1C; NSN 1670-01-262-2359 (PN 11-1-900-2)

MC1-1D; NSN 1670-01-487-0777 (PN 11-1-900-3)

MC1-1E; NSN 1670-01-499-6573 (PN 11-1-900-4)

The MC1 series, MC1-1B/C/D/E, troop back personnel parachute provides a capability to safely deliver an airborne soldier and individual equipment from an aircraft in flight for a vertical assault on the enemy.

The MC1-1B maneuverable parachute assembly is used primarily for a premeditated jump when a precision landing in a small target area is necessary. The basic canopy is the same as the T-10B assembly, except that there are orifices or cut-out areas in eleven (11) of the thirty (30) gores, creating a gliding type descent.

The canopy has two (2) control lines, each extending from an outboard orifice to toggles which may be manipulated in such a way as to make 360° turns. It has a 3-3/4 inches mesh anti-inversion net attached to the skirt of the canopy that extends 18 inches below the canopy skirt. When packed for service, the complete assembly weighs approximately 29 lbs, and has a nominal diameter of 35 feet and a projected or inflated diameter of 24.5 feet.

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All parachute assemblies are qualified, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with current applicable MIL-DTL-6645, MIL-DTL-7567 and MIL-STD-849.

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