Special Operation Seminar 2018: Lieutenant General Nam for Korean Special Warfare Command (SWC), lighting up the event

May 25, 2018

Republic of Korea Special Warfare Command (SWC)organized a Special Operation Seminar on 24th May 2018 calling out companies and experts working in the field of defense, national security and special operation.

More than 40 local companies participated and displayed their potential products, technologies and expertise in defense sector. Vital Parachute INC. participated in the seminar with latest parachute ranging from Military static line parachute, Military and sports free fall parachute manufactured in South Korea as well as parachutes brought from Tactical Parachute Delivery System (TPDS), USA.

Lieutenant General Nam for Republic of Korea Special Warfare Command (ROK SWC) paid a visit and went through the briefing of the products being exhibited in the seminar. High officials from various other Military departments from Republic of Korea took in deep interest in the seminar.