KODAS 2020 online business meeting

December 02, 2020

VITAL PARACHUTE INC participated in the KODAS 2020 which was held on 18th - 20th November, 2020. This year due to the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 we were unable to meet many of our buyers and clients from different countries but it was great to be able to meet them through online video meetings.

VITAL PARACHUTE INC successfully participated in the online meetings and video conference held by KODAS, we did not leave any opportunities behind in introducing our products and services to clients in Asia, Europe and South America. Through KODAS 2020 we were able to introduce our company’s products such as military static line personnel parachute, cargo parachute, emergency parachute, deceleration parachute, sports parachute and many more.

The clients were mostly interested in personnel parachute; among them products like main parachute MC1-1C, MC1-1D and reserve parachute T-10R were successful in grabbing the client’s attention. The meeting and discussion between VITAL PARACHUTE INC and clients from different countries and background were successfully conducted and we look forward for a prosper and healthy business in the coming future.

2020 has been a bit discouraging since we all are going through a lot in this difficult time of pandemic but we are positive and look forward for good business days in coming future. This year we all were deprived of meeting our clients in person. We pray that the situation settle back to normal and hope that we get the privilege to meet all the overseas clients at KODAS 2021 next year at the meeting site for new beginnings.