VITAL PARACHUTE is a premier manufacturer and supplier of parachute systems with dedicated manufacturing facilities in Korea Republic. Beginning with materials of fabric, webbing, tape, cord and hardware, our capabilities and expertise expanded from component parts to canopies, harnesses, packs, and accessories.

All of our products are qualified, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with current applicable MILITARY STANDARDS and PIA SPECIFICATIONS.

• Military personnel parachutes: MC1-1B/C/D/E, T-10B/C/D, T-10R, MT-10&MT-10R

• Military cargo parachutes: G-11B/C/D, G-12D/E, G-14

• Military emergency parachutes: B-12/20, BA-22

• Military deceleration (drogue/drag) parachutes for F-4, F-5 aircraft

• Rescue and recovery parachutes

• Flare (illuminate) parachutes

• Materials: fabric, cord, webbing, tape and hardware

We, VITAL PARACHUTE, believes in providing the best and professional services and competitive prices to our customer’s satisfaction.

We fly together!

VITAL PARACHUTE: Stitching canopy
VITAL PARACHUTE: Stitching canopy
VITAL PARACHUTE: Stitching canopy
VITAL PARACHUTE: Inspect, radial seam tape
VITAL PARACHUTE: Inspect, v-tap, lateral lower band



4th floor, 596 Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin,

Seoul 04986 Korea Republic

phone: +82 (0)2 572 3069

fax: +82 (0)2 572 3068

mobile: +82 (0)10 6419 6162


Certificated, ISO 9001:2015

Registered, PIA (Parachute Industry Association) MEMBERS, USA

Registered, NATO CAGE CODE 771DF

Registered, DAPA (Defense Acquisition Program Administration) ENTITY CODE G4421, Korea Republic