Military personnel parachute, main system; 32-foot diameter, static line, steerable

The MT-10 parachute provides maneuverable capability to safely deliver an airborne soldier and individual equipment from an aircraft in flight for a vertical assault on an enemy. The MT-10 is a highly portable main system, which includes the main canopy assembly, a deployment bag, a pack tray, a harness assembly, risers, and a universal static line.

The MT-10 uses the same harness, pack, deployment bag, riders and universal static line that the standard MC1-1D use, to upgrading to the MT-10 means a seamless transition for personnel.

Very low permeability air passes through the material PIA-C-44378 Type IV (0.5-3.0 CFM porosity) resulting in slower than normal rate of descent.

Softer landings are especially welcomed at high field elevations or with heavy payloads. It is capable of supporting 400 pounds. The MT-10 is limited to operation in winds of 13 knots at surface.

The MT-10 is compatible with all current military aircraft used for airborne missions and compatible with ancillary items.

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All parachute assemblies are qualified, manufactured and inspected in strict accordance with current applicable MIL-DTL-6645, MIL-DTL-7567 and MIL-STD-849.

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